Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mercurial: Tips and tricks

1. Usage: Completely remove a named branch.

$: hg strip "branch(${BRANCHNAME})"

2. Now re-iterate for all the branches you have, that's it

$:hg pull -u

3. To check if you have any unwanted changes

$:hg outgoing

4. Add, Remove tag

$:hg tag -r newrevisionhash stable
$:hg tag --remove stable

5. Incoming and Outgoing

$:hg incoming
$:hg incoming -p
$:hg incoming -b <branchname>
$:hg incoming -p -b <branchname>

6. Copy files across branches

$:hg update -r to-branch
$:hg revert -r from-branch file
$:hg ci -m 'copied single file from from-branch to to-branch

7. Dirty merge If both branches have made changes to a file that you want to keep, a dirty trick would be to create a merge of the two branches using hg merge, possibly/probably on still another branch, check that in, and then copy a single file between the merge and the to-branch(Reference: Stackoverflow)

$:hg update -r to-branch
$:branch merge-branch
$:hg merge -r from-branch
$:hg ci -m 'temp merge to be discarded"
$:hg update -r to-branch
$:hg revert -r merge-branch single-file
$:hg ci -m 'merged single-file from from-branch to to-branch"
$:hg strip merge-branch

8. To see heads in a particular branch <branch name>

$:hg heads <branch name>

9. To commit as a user <userDisplayName>

$:hg commit -u <userDisplayName>

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